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30 Best Community Colleges In The USA For International Students

Community Colleges In The USA

Community colleges in the United States are low-cost universities in the United States that are primarily located in suburban areas and are attended by both domestic and international students.

There are lots of community colleges in the United States, with the majority of them offering a variety of degrees or certificates that prepare international students for their first entry-level job. 

In the United States, international students can find on-campus student housing or rent apartments or houses in the surrounding area.

Students can easily afford to attend these community colleges, earn credits, and then transfer those credits to a private university to obtain a bachelor’s degree after two years.

Every year, students apply to the most popular community colleges in the United States because the country is a popular Study Abroad Country for International Students and a dream study location for many students worldwide.

Therefore, this article provides a well-researched list of the top best community colleges in the USA for international students.

Community Colleges In the USA For International Students 

  1. Northwest Iowa Community College

Northwest Iowa Community College offers a high-quality educational experience that is dedicated to seeing each student’s learning and meeting them where they are.

Their website boasts that nearly all of their student population achieves professional success.

  1. Lehman College 

Lehman College is a senior college in New York City that is part of the City University of New York.

It is one of the least expensive community colleges in the United States for international students, and it also serves senior-year students.

  1. Mitchell Technical College

Mitchell Technical College is a South Dakota community college designed to provide new skill sets for a diverse group of learners that can be applied to a variety of technical careers.

Ninety-nine percent of graduates are either employed or enrolled in additional academic programs within six months of graduation, which is an incredible statistic about this program. 

They have one of the area’s newest campuses, with cutting-edge technology and resources.

  1. Moorpark College

Moorpark College is one of the best community colleges well-known for promoting diversity and celebrating students through visibility and accessible learning opportunities.

Moorpark College was established in 1967 as one of the three Ventura Community College District colleges.

Moorpark College has an excellent track record of students transferring to four-year colleges and universities to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Aside from coursework, they have a wide range of student resources available, including counseling, tutoring, and student life activities.

Moorpark College also provides numerous financial aid and scholarship opportunities to ensure that education is accessible to all students in their community.

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  1. Brigham Young University, Utah

Because it offers courses in over 100 different fields, Brigham Young University is one of the cheapest community colleges in the United States for international students to attend.  

  1. Cerritos College

Cerritos College, founded in 1955, has long been regarded as one of Los Angeles County’s best community colleges. 

The campus is truly convenient for students living in North Orange County and Southeastern Los Angeles County. 

They go above and beyond to prioritize students by offering a wide range of support services such as those for veteran students, career services, counseling opportunities, tutoring, student health, and a plethora of student life opportunities.

  1. Hillsborough Community College

Hillsborough Community College is a school that is dedicated to the academic success of the highest caliber.

They serve at least 47,00 students and are a major transfer institution to the University of South Florida.

They offer a variety of delivery options, including daytime, evening, hybrid, and online courses, allowing them to reach out to the community members they serve, especially during pandemics.

  1. Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College is one of the most innovative two-year colleges in the USA for international students. 

Fox Valley Technical College is transforming education through the use of technology and with advancements in agriculture, healthcare, aviation, and robotics, they stand out on all levels.

They provide high-tech occupational training and have more than 200 programs and training in some of today’s most sought-after professions.

  1. Casper College

Casper College, founded in 1945, was Wyoming’s first community college with about 28 buildings on over 200 acres of land.

Casper’s small class sizes are one of the factors that contribute to its status as one of the best community colleges.

  1. Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is ranked among the best community colleges and is well-known for its accessibility and affordability, as well as its extensive programs that facilitate the transition to a four-year degree program.

They are leaders in agricultural education, with majors in agronomy and agricultural mechanics, animal science and agricultural education, agribusiness management systems, and veterinary technology systems.

Through their offerings, students can earn associate’s degrees in veterinary technology and agriculture, as well as certificates and other credentials.

  1. Irvine Valley College

Irvine Valley College is one of the best community colleges that offers a lot of one-on-one attention. And even though it became an independent community college in 1985, its first satellite campus opened in 1979.

  1. Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College serves the counties of Fremont, Hot Springs, and Teton in Wyoming.

The main campus is in Riverton, Wyoming, and they understand that accountability is an important part of academic success.

Their staff is concerned about the students, whether they are transfer students pursuing an associate’s degree before transferring to a four-year college or certificate students seeking immediate employment.

They also provide professional development classes, basic adult education, and career readiness training.

  1. Frederick Community College

The values of excellence in education, innovation, diversity, and integrity are all demonstrated at Frederick Community College.

They are the most practical alternative in the area, saving hundreds of families thousands of dollars each year for the first two years of college.  

The top five subject areas are general studies, healthcare, business administration, STEM, and cybersecurity. 

They offer thorough guidance on how to collaborate with students to meet their academic goals.

  1. Shoreline Community College

Just outside of Seattle in picturesque Shoreline, Washington, is where you can find Shoreline Community College.

They have close to 6,000 enrolled students each quarter and serve almost 10,000 students annually. 

They have two groups of students: one group is full-time, and the other is part-time.

  1. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is an open enrollment two-year public community college. 

There are available programs offered that give students on-the-job training while they pursue their academic degrees, including construction apprenticeships, industrial electrician apprenticeships, and mechatronics technician apprenticeships.

  1. Nassau Community College

Nassau Community College is a dynamic environment that values diversity, academic excellence, and an abundance of student resources.

If student engagement is a priority for your college experience, you’ll find a lively campus environment because they serve over 30,000 students annually.

  1. Howard Community College

Since it first welcomed students in 1970, Howard Community College has been one of Maryland’s 16 community colleges.

They have a ton of personal enrichment classes in addition to a ton of career pathway programs and transfer programs to help students matriculate into four-year degree programs.

  1. Ohlone College

Ohlone College is considered to be one of the best community colleges in Fremont, California, with branches in Newark and online. 

They provide education to nearly 27,000 students annually across all of their campuses.

Along with 189 associate’s degree and certificate programs, 67 certificates of accomplishment, and 15 non-credit certificates of completion, 27 degrees are specifically intended for transfer. 

They provide a wide variety of non-credit courses for students looking to advance their careers or enrich their personal lives.

  1. Arkansas State University, Arkansas 

One of the top community colleges in the country is Arkansas State University, currently located in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

With about 380 students enrolled for the fall semester from outside the United States, this community college also caters to a sizable number of international students.

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  1. Queensborough Community College

Located in Queens, New York’s Bayside neighborhood is Queensborough Community College, established in 1959.

Their goal is to support students as they transfer to four-year academic endeavors and enter the workforce. 

They have more than 900 academic faculty members and close to 15,500 students enrolled at any given time.

  1. Alcorn State University, Mississippi

One of the colleges and universities that cater to international students in the outlying county of Claiborne is Alcorn State University. 

As one of the least expensive community colleges in the United States for international students, this university attracts many international students.

Since its founding in 1871, the university has provided its students with degrees and courses in more than 40 different fields.

  1. California State University 

California State University is one of the top community colleges in the United States for foreign students, located in California’s Long Beach.

  1. Minnesota State Community and Technical College

Along with an online campus, Minnesota State Community and Technical College have locations in Moorehead, Wadena, Fergus Falls, and Detroit Lakes.

There are numerous associate’s degrees and certificate programs available, including ones in accounting, administrative support, advanced HVAC, American Sign Language, architectural drafting and design, art transfer pathways, liberal arts, and sciences transfer pathways.

  1. Alexandria Technical & Community College

As a public two-year institution committed to academic excellence, Alexandria Technical & Community College is situated in Alexandria, Minnesota.

This premier community college offers associate’s degrees, diplomas, certificates, and work-related training.  

The workforce development and continuing education division of the college offer training courses in a variety of subjects, including farm business management and truck driver school.

  1. South Texas University 

One of the best public community colleges in the US currently situated in the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas is South Texas University.

The primary selling point of South Texas University is that it provides associate’s degrees in more than forty different fields to both domestic and foreign students.

  1. Pierce College-Puyallup

Pierce College-Puyallup was recently recognized as one of the top five community colleges in the nation.

In Puyallup, Washington, they support a neighborhood committed to enhancing its economy and environment through education.

In Pierce College’s Career Pathways process, students map out their career objectives with the help of an academic advisor.

  1. Minot State University, North Dakota

Minot State University grants undergraduate degrees in more than 50 different disciplines and welcomes students from all over the world who are abroad.

  1. Ogeechee Technical College

Ogeechee Technical College was established by former state senator Joe Kennedy to offer job training to residents of rural Georgia, and it has been in charge of the area’s adult literacy program since 1989.

  1. Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College is specifically created to help students get ready for admission to one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Many of the college’s graduates enroll at the close-by University of California, Berkeley, one of the nation’s most rigorous academic institutions.

  1. Northeast Alabama Community College

Northeast Alabama Community College is popularly known as one of the best community colleges in the nation.

The Aspen Institute which researches educational policy gave the college the honor.


Community colleges lower the price of four-year courses while keeping the quality of education high, making higher education in the US more accessible.

You can now enroll in the US higher education system such as any community colleges for international students.

Lucky for you, you can easily consult this article for the best community colleges in the USA for international students.

Have a great day.

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